1001 Leben

Juliette Rahon & Co (FR)

More than 100 years after the publication of the ambiguous and also enchanting children’s book “Peter Pan”, and more than 30 years after the introduction and diagnosis of the so called “Peter Pan Syndrome” by the american psychologist Dan Kiley, it seems that not only individuals suffer from ” Pan syndrome ” but a larger proportion of current society as well.

The 21st century – already predicted by some psychologists – will have been the century of the „Neverlanders“. It may have been the century, in which most of us were unable to resolve conflicts constructively, to make real commitments, to take responsibility and above all vehemently refused to grow up.

From this point of view, the dancer and choreographer Juliette Rahon revives the fantasy world of Peter Pan in her piece “1001 Leben”. Rahon does this once again in front of an audience and confronts it with immediate presence. The world of fantasy and reality experienced, complement one another and open up the possibility of mutual exploration and reflection. The audience is transported from the fantastic world of the Neverland to the 21st century. This not only reveals the dark side of Peter Pan’s world, which at first glance seems to be just heavenly, but also lets us see how much of a fantastic utopian quality is already present in our current day. This is expressed through a juxtaposition of scenes which alternate between fanciful pictures and happenings of our 21st century.

The interdisciplinary collective of artists present to the audience‚ a utopian space, with an atypic body language, new dynamics, a creative musicality, and above all a new genre of dance music theatre.

Where and when

Stora torget | Friday, September 6th at 20:00
Stora torget | Saturday, September 7th at 12:00 

Duration: 40 minutes