Laboration Art Company (FR)

On the floor in heels, standing on half-tips, walking like a fragile being or with a crazy extravagance. Not so easy to stand up in this space-time. The woman’s body becomes an obsession for choreographer Laura Arend. Her fragility, her ability to be so juvenile and yet the strength of the chair. Not to mention, this phenomenon which places the woman’s body in the status of myth, the ability to create life.

The year 2017 was marked by a rethinking of women’s place, a questioning of their femininity, their desire for independence and recognition. What is my place in society? Am I really the equivalent of man? How can we make the generations who fought for our rights proud?

Laura throws herself into an ocean of scents with a vengeance through a solo dedicated to femininity, fighting and resilience. Each fragrance tells a story, a life, a shared moment and becomes an activist of a feminine condition: the liberated woman, the babydoll, the woman of power. As if each aroma had a bare facet of our personality An iconic perfume can shape a life, for Laura it is N°5. A scent that is passed down from generation to generation. The incarnation of the Parisian woman and the strong woman in the image of Gabrielle Chanel. 

This solo is called Irma. First name of Laura’s great-grandmother who was a fervent admirer of the designer who revolutionized the idea of woman. Great grandmother who refused to do the Nazi salute in a besieged Lorraine and who was and will remain a family myth. This solo is about the woman, about the time that passes and that can be read on our faces but that does not touch our blooming souls. As Colette said: “The search for perfume does not follow any other path than that of obsession”. The image of women is a cultural obsession. From the cult of slimness to the generous forms, the dictates change but the aspiration for a STRONG, FREE, PURE INTEMPORARY SOPHISTIC INTO AUDACIOUS MYSTERIOUS AND ICONIC identity does not change. 

Where and when

Stora torget | Thursday, September 5th at 19:00 
Stora torget | Friday, September 6th at 18:00

Duration: 25 minutes