The Playground

Ansadans (SE)

“The Playground” is an innovative dance performance for children (2-6 years old).

The performance was developed in Frankfurt, Germany as a research of two participants in the Next Generation Workspace, connected to the Starke Stücke Festival, and was premiered at Starke Stücke in March, 2017.

“The playground” is an interactive, site-specific, dance performance. It’s a piece where the young
audience is invited to play at their regular playground which has now turned into an open performance space. The dancers will interact with the children and make choreographic choices based on the information and interpretation that are being given from the audience and surroundings. The piece is based on improvisation and will be different every time.

The experience is filled with admiration, playfulness, curiosity and giggling laughter among the children. The spectators have been touched by the interaction between the children and the adult dancers.

We have heard that they are impressed by how quickly the children bond with the dancers.

After the dancers have left the playground, the performance often continues like an echo of what has happened. The children continue to play, dance and explore the playground and repeat some of the episodes of the performance as well as telling people around them about their experience.

Where and when

Museiparken | Friday, September 6th at 10:30
Museiparken | Saturday, September 5th at 10:00 

Duration: 30 minutes