Bouncing Narratives

Roza Moshtaghi (NO)

“Bouncing Narratives” is an interactive art installation in public space with the ability to be moved and installed in different locations. Through individual or collective engagement with intimacy, movement and play, the installation’s main aspiration is to foster
a shared embodiment of trauma narratives.

The project is the result of an interdisciplinary collaboration between choreographer Roza Moshtaghi and artist Shahrzad Malekian.

Through a combination of movement, space/installation and sound effects, representing the parts of memory that the narrator is unable to express in words; i.e. the silence and the gaps in verbal narratives that give way to bodily expressions, or, embodied pieces of narration.

The installation consists of an approx. 2.6 tall robust container that has a trampoline as its roof. Spectators will be invited to witness the performer’s movements from under this transparent/bouncing surface. The choreographic score will mirror movements and tasks the viewer can recognize through their everyday bodily experience.

Using urban movement the performers are activating the installation, which can be seen from both inside and out. Being in the air offers a specific quality to the movement of the performer and its visual outcome and, thus, using the trampoline as a performative stage will help define and emphasize the moment in the air as a liminal space, a state of disorientation where bodily expressions and reflexes can earn discursive capacities. Each time a dancer moves, the spectators will feel the movement through the trembling of the container’s roof and walls and therefore also sense it with their own bodies.

Besides providing this experiential production of space, the installation will serve as a sculpture in public space. The installation will be open to passerby’s outside of the performance times, and people will then be welcome to enter the space.

Where and when

Stora torget | Thursday, September 5th at 14:30 
Stora torget | Friday, September 6th at 13:00

Duration: 60 minutes