Lior Lazarof (IL/HU)


Halved attempts to issue power struggles within relationships and the way it appears in intimacy through allocating the human desire. We all crave both of them, intimacy and power, but true intimacy only appears in the absence of power. We embody endless information and in the process of extracting them, we filter, while comparing and choosing the risk in revealing. Halved reflects contradictory internal processes which leave us divided; wanting one thing and acting the other.

Choreography: Lior Lazarof

Performance: Horváth Máté, Nagy Emese, Szabó Csenger, Thury Zita, Lior Lazarof

Where and when

Stora torget | Thursday, September 5th at 18:00 CANCELLED 
Stora torget | Saturday, September 7th at 13:00 CANCELLED

Duration: 40 minutes