Lior Lazarof (IL/HU)

Description of workshop


Genre: Contemporary
Level of class: Advanced

Move&Tell – Lior developed a workshop exposing her choreographic methods. This method is based on story telling, and how the personal can be stretched to the broad aspect.

This master class focuses on personal development, sharing practices and connect to an inner drive. This workshop is a facilitator, tool for performers to being present in time. Both with their body and mind, using personal histories that had previously left a sensation or emotion, in a way that they can easily catch both mentally and physically as an honest and pure source.

The physical research is based on the body’s inner movement motors, that forms its ability to transform and evolve. Everything that we saw and that we experienced is already alive and exists in our bodies, therefor, each movement that arrives from our body will already reflect the outside. During the class, we explore to find our differences and similarities, in personal and group improvisational tasks.

Duration of workshop: 1.5 hours
Maximum participants for workshop: 15 participants
Workshop language: English

Where and when

The Dance Studio, UNO | Friday, September 6th at 13:00

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