Roza Moshtaghi (NO)

Description of workshop

Genre: Performance
Level of class: Beginners-advanced

Informed by the work of philosopher Henri Lefebvre, this project aims to engage in the process of the “production of space”, in the sense that it seeks to make a bridge between mental and social spaces BOUNCING NARRATIVES, aims to widen our sensitivities toward the subtleties and multifacetedness of “trauma” and prompts us to consider/explore the range of different forms of silences in our everyday interactions as incidents of embodied narration. – As spectators will embody/witness the narratives through embodied narratives, we work toward turning certain experiences into central questions: how can diverse perspectives influence the narration?, and how does a non-linear and multi-sensory approach to trauma narratives facilitate access and communication?

The project is open to an audience of all ages, however, we foresee the potential of holding workshops for groups of younger audiences (approx. 10-18 year olds) at times when the installation is not in active performance mode. By taking a more pedagogic role in these workshops, the performers can aid the participants (via various to-be-designed activities) in contextualizing their experience, and engage them in critical thinking around the boundaries that separate what is private (individualized/controlled/concealed) from what is public (shared/open).

Duration of workshop: 1.5 hours
Maximum participants for workshop: 10 participants
Workshop language: English/Norwegian

Where and when

Stora torget | Friday, September 6th at 14:30
Stora torget | Saturday, September 7th at 10:30 (for children, 30 minutes)

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