Stinnerbom Production (SE)

Description of workshop

Genre: Modern dance with Forsythe techniques
Level of class: Intermediate/advanced

The dance expression itself and the shape of the modern Sami dance are performed low down to the floor and often dancing on the knees. It is a kind of sliding and floating expression and at the same time a kind of bodily internal conflict that is shaped and reinforced with counter points. In relation to resistance and slow-motion techniques, the scenic language becomes even more poetic and dreamy. There is also an extreme technique of drop and rebounds technology where the own body should take the form of a bouncing and falling movement in the work of the design of the Sámi ecstasy dance.

This movement pattern goes like a red thread in Ola Stinnerbom’s movement schematic works and choreographies, and together with the low knee parts, very characteristic of his work. Everyone who has seen him on stage knows how his low parties, with moving movements at a very slow pace, fascinate and how this gives a floating expression, like the snow desert above the ground a cold winter day.

Duration of workshop: 1.5 hours
Maximum participants for workshop: 30 participants
Workshop language: English

Where and when

Studio 2, Dansstudion | Thursday, September 5th at 13:00 

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