Laura Arend

Description of workshop

Genre: Contemporary

Laura’s training is halfway between ancestral practice, yoga and an improvisation class inspired by the gaga technique. The two elements that characterize this technique are the pleasure of physical development and self-knowledge.

The search for our deep self is placed at the heart of the work. To know his physical capacities, his capacities of interpreters, his capacities of creations but also to be in direct contact with his soul, his mind, his heart. In classical dance, contemporary, flamenco … the honesty of a dancer is the essence of a show. We assume that this search for honesty must start from the studio.

Each session begins with a moment of calm. Take the time to cut yourself off from the world to focus on yourself. Not by selfishness but by necessity. Make yourself better to make the world better. The sessions begin with meditation and are followed by one or two pranayama exercises that allow mastery of the breath, it can awaken us to wisdom, joy and compassion.

After a body awakening thanks to the greetings of the sun, the dancers are brought to engage their sensitivity and their creativity through an intense body research. Improvisation is the best tool for the dancer to get to know themselves as an interpreter, to rediscover themselves and to develop their creativity. Today, most choreographers are looking for performers and not just performers. It is important to note that this phase includes technical exercises: bend, clear, adage …

At this moment, the dancers are led to become aware of others, of the space that surrounds them, of the world that is before them.

Just like a classical yoga practice, the class ends as it started with a meditation session to focus on the rest of the day.

An exchange time between participants usually marks the last minutes of the course. It is important to be able to put words on the sensations crossed and share this commonly.

Duration of workshop: 1.5 hours
Maximum participants for workshop: 30 participants
Workshop language: English

Where and when

Dansstudion, Studio 2 | Friday, September 6th at 14:30

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