Film: Martha & Niki

In 2010 Martha Nabwire and Niki Tsappos took part in the biggest international Street Dance Competition, Juste Debout in Paris. It was the first time ever two women became World Champions in Hip Hop. This film depicts their love of dance, each other and about friendship put to the test. About desires, yearning and finding [...]

Body & Space

Roza Moshtaghi (NO) I will be talking around the subject of Body & Space. Links, frictions and potentialities. The subject Body & Space is firmly touching my practice. Giving a lecture provides the opportunity of thinking out loud and sharing the research around my practice. Duration of lecture: 30 minutesLecture language: English/NorwegianMaximum participants for lecture: [...]

Uana Dans (US)

Description of workshop Genre: Movement classLevel of class: Intermediate/advanced The beauty of form and the effortless listening of sensation; we combine the classical lines of ballet, the raw athleticism of modern techniques, and the integrated full-body awareness of Gaga into a hybrid class which allows any dancer to arrive at their fullest potential with efficiency. [...]

Lior Lazarof (IL/HU)

Description of workshop CANCELLED Genre: ContemporaryLevel of class: Advanced Move&Tell – Lior developed a workshop exposing her choreographic methods. This method is based on story telling, and how the personal can be stretched to the broad aspect. This master class focuses on personal development, sharing practices and connect to an inner drive. This workshop is a [...]

Roza Moshtaghi (NO)

Description of workshop Genre: PerformanceLevel of class: Beginners-advanced Informed by the work of philosopher Henri Lefebvre, this project aims to engage in the process of the “production of space”, in the sense that it seeks to make a bridge between mental and social spaces BOUNCING NARRATIVES, aims to widen our sensitivities toward the subtleties and [...]