Suriashi Walk

Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt (SE) The Swedish choreographer Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt (Brännö) invites the audience to experience a Japanese dance practice called suriashi. We will together move and breathe slowly on the big square to slow down and to explore the city from an embodied perspective. Photo by HP Skoglund. Where and when Stora torget | Friday, September 6th at 15:00


Uana Dans (US) Inspired by Rumi's quote "silence is the language of god, all else is poor translation,” we engage in movement and form as our translation of the divine. We enjoy form, but recognize that the truth lies in those small, quiet seconds of transition between two forms. We emulate the forms of nature [...]


Lior Lazarof (IL/HU) CANCELLED Halved attempts to issue power struggles within relationships and the way it appears in intimacy through allocating the human desire. We all crave both of them, intimacy and power, but true intimacy only appears in the absence of power. We embody endless information and in the process of extracting them, we [...]