Uana Dans (US)

Description of workshop Genre: Movement classLevel of class: Intermediate/advanced The beauty of form and the effortless listening of sensation; we combine the classical lines of ballet, the raw athleticism of modern techniques, and the integrated full-body awareness of Gaga into a hybrid class which allows any dancer to arrive at their fullest potential with efficiency. [...]

Company Wokpemi (IC)

Description of workshop Genre: Traditional African DanceLevel of class: Intermediate Cancelled until further notice Company Wokpemi are having visa problems and are currently delayed. Until we know if and when they arrive all of their appearances are cancelled. If they get here we will find time and space for them. The objective of this workshop [...]

Amy Morvell Dance (UK)

Description of workshop Genre: ContemporaryLevel of class: Intermediate/advanced This workshop will be a professional class followed by learning repertoire from Turtle Dove. Duration of workshop: 1.5 hoursMaximum participants for workshop: 30 participantsWorkshop language: English Where and when Studio 2, Dansstudion | Thursday, September 5th at 10:00 Studio 2, Dansstudion | Friday, September 6th at 13:00 

Michaela Cisarikova Dance Company (SK)

Description of workshop Genre: ContemporaryLevel of class: Intermediate/advanced Michaela will share aspects from her practice as a mover and creator using mainly elements of contemporary, physical theatre, popping, breaking and floor work. The sessions will be aimed at collaborating with each other within the space through creative task-based exercises, improvisation and constructed material. The classes [...]

Jamal Jackson Dance Company (US)

Description of workshop Genre: West African dance with contemporary techniquesLevel of class: Intermediate The movement behind JJDC combines traditional West African dance with contemporary techniques. During our workshop we will use this technique as well as incorporate text from our piece about guns to form a new movement dialogue with the participants. Each dancer will [...]