Body & Space

Roza Moshtaghi (NO) I will be talking around the subject of Body & Space. Links, frictions and potentialities. The subject Body & Space is firmly touching my practice. Giving a lecture provides the opportunity of thinking out loud and sharing the research around my practice. Duration of lecture: 30 minutesLecture language: English/NorwegianMaximum participants for lecture: [...]

Roza Moshtaghi (NO)

Description of workshop Genre: PerformanceLevel of class: Beginners-advanced Informed by the work of philosopher Henri Lefebvre, this project aims to engage in the process of the “production of space”, in the sense that it seeks to make a bridge between mental and social spaces BOUNCING NARRATIVES, aims to widen our sensitivities toward the subtleties and [...]

Bouncing Narratives

Bouncing Narratives is a performance and an art-installation, a jumbled mess — a playful wash of images, sounds, and movements that elicits the fine line of pure joy and trauma narratives. It centres around traumas that cannot be expressed in words and bounces back again and again. The installation consists of an 2.6m tall robust [...]